PowerMAX Exterior Cat.6 U/FTP 23AWG Cable


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Dintek Cat.6 U/FTP PowerMAX Outdoor Solid, 23AWG Cable, PE Jacket,305M,Black

Dintek Cat.6 U/FTP PowerMAX Category 6 4 Pair Exterior (Industrial) U/FTP cable, has been designed to support high speed Gigabit data transmission systems to a distance not exceeding 100mtrs.

For Outdoor or Conduit Duct Applications, the Dintek Cat.6 U/FTP cable is part of the PowerMAX System range of products, that have been designed based on the PowerSum principle of crosstalk measurement and testing.
When combined as an end to end solution, the PowerMAX system, when installed by a certified installer can be warrantied for 25yrs.

Application of Dintek Cat.6 U/FTP

  • For Outdoor or Conduit Duct Applications
  • Voice; T1; ISDN
  • 10BASE-T (IEEE 802.3)
  • 100BASE-T Ethernet (IEEE802.3)
  • 155/622Mbps 1.2/2.4 Gbps ATM
  • 1000Mbps Gigabit Ethernet
  • 550MHz Broadband Video

Standards Conformance

  • ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 Cat.6
  • 2nd Edition ISO/IEC 11801 Class E
  • CENELEC EN 50173-1:2007
  • 2nd Edition IEC 61156-5,CENELEC EN 50288-5-1
  • Products always comply with RoHS and REACH Directives.
Technical Specifications
Material Solid annealed copper wire
Wire Size 23AWG
Material Foam-Skin PE
Thickness Nominal: 0.414 mm
Diameter 1.387mm
Colors Blue/White-Blue | Orange/White-Orange | Green/White-Green | Brown/White-Brown
Unaged Elongation(%) Min. 100%
Unaged Tensile Strength Min. 0.816 Kgf/mm²
Screen Aluminum-Mylar tape
Material LDPE
Thickness Nominal: 0.5 mm
Diameter Nominal: 7.2 mm
Color Black
Drain Wire Tinned copper
Physical Ranges
Min. Tension Strength
Before Aging Min. 0.816 Kgf/mm²
Min Elongation(%)
Before Aging Min. 100%
Min. Tension Strength
Before Aging Min. 0.989 Kgf/mm²
After Aging Min. tensile strength retention:75% – Aging at 100℃ for 168Hrs
Min Elongation(%)
Before Aging Min.350%
After Aging Min. elongation retention:75% – Aging at 100℃ for 168Hrs
Dielectric Strength 1200 V dc or 850 V ac / 2 seconds
Min. Bending Radius 26mm
Max. Pulling Tension 25lbs
Installation Temperature 0°C to +50°C
Operating Temperature -20°C to +70°C
Conductor Resistance Max. 9.38 Ω/100m at 20℃
DC Resistence Unbalance Max. 2%
Pair-to-Ground Capacitance Unbalance Max. 160 pF/100m
Dielectric Strength of Insulation DC 500V / 1min. or AC 350V / 1min
Insulation Resistance Test Min. 5000 MΩ/m
Mutual Capacitance Max. 5600 pF/100m
Impedance 1~100MHz 100Ω ± 15%
Impedance 100-250MHz 100Ω ± 22%


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